About Us
Thank you for taking the time to know us better Pune Expat Club is a Lexagent initiative and incorporated as an independent Not-for-Profit organization. The Club aims at strengthening of ties between the foreigners and global Indian citizens in Pune; and promotes mutual respect for different cultures of the world.

Pune Expat Club emerged out of the need expressed by many expatriates and internationally like-minded people for a platform to engage in cultural, entertainment, sports, adventure, knowledge sharing, social programs and other activities beyond work place. While we have come a long way since the early days, the ingredient which remains unchanged has been the symphony of interact, integrate and enjoy that has helped us win the trust and build endearing relationships.
About The Founders
Vikas Roongta|vikas@puneexpatclub.com|+91-9975558595
Relocated to Pune in 2005, Vikas has traveled to more than twenty countries and worked for six years in USA as part of marketing services, events, immigration & relocation service industries. Currently he is also the Managing Director with Lexagent Services Pvt. Ltd. Vikas holds a degree in Engineering and Business Management.
Preeti Roongta|preeti@puneexpatclub.com|+91-9975558596
Relocated back to Pune in 2005, Preeti has lived and worked in the United States for six years in business development, training and customer delight work functions. She was born and raised in Pune and decided to move back home to be closer to her family. A vivacious and bubbly person, Preeti has traveled to over 10 different countries. Currently she is also the Director-BD & Immigration with Lexagent Services Pvt. Ltd. Preeti holds a bachelor degree in Science.